Warwolfe (de Wolfe Pack, #1)

Warwolfe (de Wolfe Pack, #1) A USA Today Bestselling book, ranked 110 on the USA Today Bestseller list 6 11 17 1066 A.D Discover the origins of the original de Wolfe pack, led by the man known as WARWOLFE Before the Duke of Normandy conquered England, a legend arose A man so fierce, so brave, and so noble, that t

Serpent (de Wolfe Pack, #7)

Serpent (de Wolfe Pack, #7) 1283 A.D Edward I is in the midst of his campaign to tame the Welsh, but rising from the chaos is a Welsh knight known as the Serpent Bhrodi ap Gaerwen de Shera is a warrior of tremendous range and power Descended from the kings of Anglesey on his mother s side and the earls of Coventry on his

Highland Fire (Guardians of the Stone #1)

Highland Fire (Guardians of the Stone #1) Scotland, 1125, the Legend Begins For two centuries, Aidan dun Scoti s kinsmen have guarded Scotland s greatest secret, the real Stone of Destiny Now King David seeks an alliance with the mountain Scot But only one woman will tempt him the accursed beauty whose father once betrayed his clan.

Black Sword

Black Sword 1323 A.D Devlin de Bermingham, an Irish knight to the core, is the bastard son of the Earl of Louth and the descendent of Irish kings He is also a strong proponent that the Irish should rule Irish lands Rebelling against his English overlord, the Earl of Kildare, he captures one of Kildare s cast

Loki (The Highland Clan, #1)

Loki (The Highland Clan, #1) Loki Grant s first memories are of living in a crate behind an inn in Ayr, struggling to survive Clan Grant saved him from his lonely existence and took him in as one of their own But though the Highlands have become his home and he loves his adopted parents, Brodie and Celestina, Loki feels lost

Love Letters from Largs (Clan Grant, #3)

Love Letters from Largs (Clan Grant, #3) After enduring years of her nobleman father s cruelty and abuse, Celestina Lunde is ready to take her own life rather than enter into an arranged marriage with an equally brutal man But just when she is about to leap through the window of her tower bedroom, a brawny Highland warrior arrives at her