Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America

Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America A selection of American postmortem photographs from the Burns Archive Includes a chronological essay on death in America, as well as a bibliography Sleeping Beauty is coveted for having played a large role in the rediscovery of the normalcy of postmortem photography In 1990, Dr Stanley B Burns

The Victorian Celebration of Death

The Victorian Celebration of Death In this beautifully illustrated and well researched book Professor Curl has rescued much fascinating material from undeserved oblivion, and his work fills a genuine gap From humble working class exequies to the massive outpouring of grief at the State funerals of Wellington and Queen Victoria

La mort (Mes p'tits pourquoi)

La mort (Mes p'tits pourquoi) Le papi d Alice vient de mourir, et Alice se pose mille questions souffre t il A t il faim soif froid S ennuie t il Son papa la rassure Le corps de Papi ne sent plus rien, ni les bobos ni les c lins Il est mort, c est tout De double page en double page, le texte r pond aux

One More Wednesday

One More Wednesday On Wednesdays when I was little, Granny and I baked cakes and cookies And that was only one of the things that made Wednesdays and Granny special Malika Doray has written and illustrated a unique tale of love, loss, and understanding that will help and comfort anyone who has lost someone

The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life

The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life A transformative, fascinating theorybased on robust and groundbreaking experimental researchreveals how our unconscious fear of death powers almost everything we do, shining a light on the hidden motives that drive human behavior More than one hundred years ago, the American philosopher William