The Warren

The Warren X doesnt have a name He thought he had oneor manybut that might be the result of the failing memories of the personalities imprinted within him Or maybe he really is called X Hes also not as human as he believes himself to be But when he discovers the existence of anotherabove ground, outside

Letters From The Looney Bin (Book 1)

Letters From The Looney Bin (Book 1) LETTERS FROM THE LOONEY BIN is a 1 Bestseller In the late 1970s the Emerson Rose Asylum became completely abandoned all the patients, doctors, staff, vanished and were never seen again The events circling this mass exodus have been one of the most baffling disappearances in history.

Brimstone and Marmalade

Brimstone and Marmalade Just in time for Halloween, we have a funny, sweet, and slightly skewed short story by Aaron Corwin, an up and coming writer from Seattle All Mathilde wanted for her birthday was a pony Instead, she got a demon Sometimes growing up means learning that what you think you want is not always what

Witch Piss

Witch Piss I noticed it was beginning to get dark And for a couple seconds, it was scarylike that meant the world was breaking, or expired, or bruised, or something worse It was really scary for a couple seconds but then I calmed down Up above, the moonlit clouds looked rippled, like the ribcage of some

A Collapse of Horses

A Collapse of Horses A stuffed bear s heart beats with the rhythm of a dead baby Reno keeps receding to the east no matter how far you drive and in a mine on another planet, the dust won t stop seeping in In these stories, Brian Evenson unsettles us with the everyday and the extraordinarythe terror of living with the


Rontel We now enter Total Isolation Rontel is the story of one mans odyssey through Chicago Follow him as he attempts to go to his last day of work Follow him through the subway as he considers stealing chips from a dancing baby Find him being threatened by a homeless man holding board games Take his

Sweet Story

Sweet Story The end of the world has never been sweeter Sally is an odd little girl It s not because she dresses as if she s from the Edwardian era or spends most of her time playing with creepy talking dolls It s because she chases rainbows as if they were butterflies She believes that if she finds the end

A God of Hungry Walls

A God of Hungry Walls When you are within my walls, I am God I have always been here and I will always be I have complete dominion I control what you see, what you feel, and how you think I will bend reality to whatever I wish I will show you your worst fears and make you indulge in your darkest desires Your pain