This Boy's Life

This Boy's Life This unforgettable memoir, by one of our most gifted writers, introduces us to the young Toby Wolff, by turns tough and vulnerable, crafty and bumbling, and ultimately winning Separated by divorce from his father and brother, Toby and his mother are constantly on the move, yet they develop an

The Journal, 1837-1861

The Journal, 1837-1861 Henry David Thoreaus Journal was his lifes work the daily practice of writing that accompanied his daily walks, the workshop where he developed his books and essays, and a project in its own rightone of the most intensive explorations ever made of the everyday environment, the revolving seasons,

Renoir, My Father

Renoir, My Father In this delightful memoir, Jean Renoir, the director of such masterpieces of cinema as Grand Illusion and The Rules of the Game, tells the life story of his father, Pierre Auguste Renoir, the great Impressionist painter Recounting Pierre Auguste s extraordinary career, beginning as a painter of

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Memories, Dreams, Reflections In the spring of 1957, when he was eighty one years old, C G Jung undertook the telling of his life story At regular intervals he had conversations with his colleague and friend Aniela Jaff , and collaborated with her in the preparation of the text based on these talks On occasion, he was moved

Down and Out in Paris and London

Down and Out in Paris and London This unusual fictional memoir in good part autobiographical narrates without self pity and often with humor the adventures of a penniless British writer among the down and outs of two great cities The Parisian episode is fascinating for its expose of the kitchens of posh French restaurants,

A King in Hiding

A King in Hiding Forced to flee his native Bangladesh, eight year old chess prodigy Fahim arrived in Paris with his father Refused asylum, as illegal immigrants they spiralled downwards into homelessness and desperation By a stroke of luck, Fahim was introduced to one of France s top chess coaches, Xavier

La Place

La Place Il n est jamais entr dans un mus e, il ne lisait que Paris Normandie et se servait de son Opinel pour manger Ouvrier devenu petit commer ant, il esp rait que sa fille, gr ce aux tudes, serait mieux que lui Cette fille, Annie Ernaux, refuse l oubli des origines Elle retrace la vie et la mort de


Enfance Ce livre crit sous la forme d un dialogue entre Nathalie Sarraute et son double qui, par ses mises en garde, ses scrupules, ses interrogations, son insistance, l aide faire surgir quelques moments, quelques mouvements encore intacts, assez forts pour se d gager de cette couche protectrice qui