Francis Bacon: 1909-1992

Francis Bacon: 1909-1992 Francis Bacon 1909 1992 possessed the rare ability to transform unconscious compulsions into figurative, human like forms that seem to evoke the raw emotions that bore them Mixing realism and abstraction, Bacon delves deep beneath the surfaces of things, opening up the human body to reveal the ch

Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs

Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs Ansel Adams 400 Photographs presents the full spectrum of Adams work in a single volume for the first time, offering the largest available compilation from his legendary photographic career Beautifully produced and presented in an attractive landscape trim, Ansel Adams 400 Photographs will appea

The Art Book

The Art Book An A to Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times, it debunks art historical classifications by throwing together brilliant examples of all periods, schools, visions and techniques Each artist is represented by a full page colour plate of a definitive work, accompani

Modern Art The World's Greatest Art

Modern Art The World's Greatest Art Modern Art gives a unique insight into the lives of some of the twentieth century s most gifted artists, covering a diverse selection of works from the Expressionists and the Cubists to the Pop artists and the Post Modernists This superb new book provides the reader with an informative and richly i

Tracey Emin 20 Years

Tracey Emin 20 Years Tracey Emin is one of the famous artists working in Britain Her teenage years provided the inspiration for much of her later work, which is autobiographical and often shockingly frank This book covers the range of her work over the past twenty years, including embroidered blankets, paintings, scul


Strangeland The intimate memoirs of one of the most acclaimed and controversial artists of her generation.Here I am, a fucked, crazy, anorexic alcoholic childless, beautiful woman I never dreamt it would be like this n nTracey Emin s Strangeland is her own space, lying between the Margate of her childhood, the

Tracey Emin: Works 1963-2006

Tracey Emin: Works 1963-2006 The most highly publicized of the infamous Young British Artists, Emin has stirred as much controversy as she has acclaim, being both highly personal and extremely original in her art Emin s work is engaging, titillating, disturbing, and startlingly confessional One of her most famous pieces is Ev