Breeding giant mealworms (Morio) worms

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Breeding giant mealworms (Morio) worms

Post by Paul » Fri May 29, 2015 8:51 pm

We have decided to breed Morio worms with calcium dust spread in their habitat (hopefully to gut load them).
We have the worms set up in a nice box with weetabix a d some apple slices.
We intend to feed them maybe 1 Morio a week or less as they are quite sizeable, question is are they suitable for turtles as watching Heisenberg she tried to chop it in half and failed so ate it whole.
I'm worried about impaction, digestion problems and potentially Terence (3.5 inch ouichita map) not being able to swallow them.

Don't know if anyone has any advice or if we should go for smaller feed worms, crickets might not be the best as the basking area is open topped.


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