Grapes & Cherry Tomatoes!!!!

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Grapes & Cherry Tomatoes!!!!

Post by HissyMiss » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:14 am

Hi - I'm new here.

I've been a reptile keeper for about 10 years, & 2 years ago was asked to take on a (much loved & well cared for) 9y/o E.Hermanns tortoise. I have been a quick learner & really enjoy her company. She now has a correct weed-based diet (& no more strawberries!) & I have greatly expanded her living conditions!

As a child (long before the Ninjas) I came across Red Ears. Having rediscovered chelonia (above), & with space to share, I decided to home some turtles as well. Long story short, I have helped out someone older than me (!) who needed to rehome x3 terrapins, which I collected recently. They have been with the same owner for about 25 years & their tanks are totally inadequate, & it would appear that they have never had access to a UV bulb - living in a front room, with 120W ordinary light bulbs for basking. Surprisingly they appear pretty healthy, but very frustrated (they used to enjoy exploring the house, I was told, but I would put a different slant on that behaviour.....). They did occasionally walk outside & dig in the garden to lay eggs, so may have absorbed UV that way.

I intend for them to live outside in summer, in a pair of large solid fibreglass ponds, landscaped into an enclosure. I am making changes slowly, as I need to be able to observe them. I think there is some skin fungus (having read up on this site).

I was given a tub of good turtle food & a long explanation of what they like to eat...which includes green grapes & cherry tomatoes at least twice a week - so, to the title of this thread - are these two foods ever acceptable - even occasionally?

Also - I feel that they should spend some time under a decent UV bulb (I use a MVL for the tortoise). In the present absence of summer sun, would it be an idea to put them in a restricted dry enclosure for, say, an hour, with a UV bulb at one end & cool shelter the other, to ensure a complete drying out & bask, as they are shy presently, & tending to stay under water.

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Re: Grapes & Cherry Tomatoes!!!!

Post by Neil » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:55 pm

Hello and welcome to the site and forum, apologies for the slow reply. Any fruits should be fed sparingly, but would be ok in small quantities (like not twice a week). Access to UVB in their enclosure is normally better than them wandering around outside for a bit but if you suspect skin fungus or shell rot then yet, a few hours in the sun with a sheltered area would be ideal. For the enclosure normally, a MV bulb like your tortoise has would be ideal.
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