Shall I go outside?

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Shall I go outside?

Post by Julie » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:49 am

Hi All

My terrapins are 18 years and 13 years, map and common as cooter. They are doing very well and are cared for in the dining room. The problem I have is that I would love for them to live outside. I hate seeing them under their light when it is so naturally sunny outside.

I would obviously do it all properly with slopes etc but do you think I should take the plunge and get them outside permanently? I am so nervous of leaving them out all winter but shall I just go for it? We're in Southern England - Berkshire.

(Incidentally, the garden is up for a re-plan this time next year so I've got 12 months to think about this.)
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Re: Shall I go outside?

Post by Neil » Tue May 01, 2018 4:31 pm

Southern England tends to have better summers than the rest of us, however it can also have some harsher winters. You kind of have to balance up a cushy, boring life indoors for them, or a much more natural life outside with a little bit of risk. At their age (and presumably size) then they should be absolutely fine outside and really enjoy it, but you could always keep a basic indoor setup as a backup in case they show any sign of illness?

Don't forget, feed them up in the summer, as much as they want, gives them the reserves for winter ~thmbu

P.S. Sorry for the delay replying, I've been avoiding the computer the last few days because I'm supposed to be getting my tax return done ~wsltng
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Re: Shall I go outside?

Post by Clemmys » Sun May 20, 2018 11:27 am

They will love it outside Julie, all my turtles have been living that way for years. We had a prolonged winter with late severe cold spells, but all the turtles came through. However there is always the chance of losing animals through those cold spells if they are not health or as Neil says under weight. A better option for you is to build a summer pool for them and bring indoors in October. Its great to see them basking and exploring an outside environment.


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