Hi, I'm New and need Urgent help and Advice please for 3 turtles

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Hi, I'm New and need Urgent help and Advice please for 3 turtles

Post by Franka73 » Fri May 15, 2015 1:26 am

Hello, I am Franka, from Cheshire and I am so glad I have found this forum.
A couple of weeks ago an old friend of ours passed away. He had been in and out of hospital and it was only after his passing that it became apparent that he had not been able to look after himself, or as I found when helping with his home etc his 3 turtles.

No one else seemed to have thought of them either whilst he deteriorated over the past year. I found a murky brown foot and a half tank, with what I thought, had nothing in it, but there appeared 3 turtles. I don't know the slightest thing about turtles, but common sense just had me take them in and clean them out and provide some food, clean water and a basking area, however I can not keep them, and the tank is far too small for their size, and after reading up about them, I realised I do not have the money or the space to provide what they need. I called the RSPCA, Turtle Rescue, and other telephone numbers provided, but no one will accept the turtles, saying they don't have room, or that they may consider taking them if I get all three checked out by a vet and have them all three healthy and certified to be ok, which I also cant afford to do, and the closest reptile specialist is a good 20 minutes away.

I have been feeding them on terrapin/turtle food form pets at home, they seem to be really greedy, and finish it all off within 5 minutes, and a small tub provides about 3 feeds for them - 2 or even 1 if I put it all in, I've also tried them with some raw chicken, and pieces of cut off tomato - which they were not really interested in.

I have taken some pictures of the turtles, I am not sure what they are, but reading up on here, looks like the yellow ones are a mix between cooter? and yellow belly slider, as they don't have the hairpin stripes on their heads, have 2 dots on their belly, but one is very distinct n the other fadey? and also they seem to have a upturned V on their beak? (I am sorry I don't know the terminology) so I am confused, but likely think that these have been mixed together when people breed them? unknowing that they are different types? The other one I much bigger and has the 2 red stripes on his cheeks. I don't know what is a healthy looking turtle and what isn't, but their shells concern me, and I have found scales in the murky tank that I originally rescued them from.
also I read in the forum, that waving their front claws/hands to the other turtle is a display of mating intention? They seem to (from this eve start) mirror each other like floating up n down, n be nose to nose with each other, n then waving their hands in front of their faces..and then the other one is literally started to snap at the water itself :( i have not got anything else i can put the other one into if they need separating. well, when I read it I hadn't seen them do it, but literally just now, one of the yellow ones displayed it to the other, who seemed now impressed, n kind of nipped forward at the other? do they fight? is it serious and do they hurt each other? I don't have another tank to put them in, and have been looking to se if I can buy one I can afford, so to separate the 2 yellows from the red one, but am now concerned I need to separate all three, and I think space wise they are too big for this tank.. I really need help, I would love to keep one of them, the red checked one, as it says they are gentler than the yellows ones? I recon we could keep one if a 3 ft tank/ vivarium? will do the trick? as we will be able to manage that size, any larger and I wont be able to keep it, but don't know how big these are likely to get, and will be able to do it for one, but not three, yet these need separating and rehoming, and I've no where else to turn.. Please help.

I have attached some pictured, perhaps you could tell me what they are, and what they need, and if anyone can rehome please contact me.

I find it so sad, the way they ended up, and with living so long, very likely having this repeated. I cant just let them go to anyone, without telling them what I've learnt in a short space, and them ending up not cared for again. Until I rescued them, and read up on them, I had no idea they lived to around 40 to 50 years old, why do people buy animals without researching them, and think they are nice kids "pets"??

Please see pictures below, if you need any more info please ask :)

Many Thanks for looking and taking the time to read this


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