Hello, new owner!

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Hello, new owner!

Post by bean » Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:57 pm

Hello, I recently rescued a terrapin which I think is a yellow bellied slider, although it has slightly red/orange stripe along the head?
I have already upgraded the tank size and will again as it grows, however it is five years old and hasn't grown much at all, currently about 3 inches, is this normal? It has been in a small tank with no uv or heat lamp, and only a small amount (maybe 2 inches) of water.
It also has some old mud like stuff on its shell which doesn't seem to be soft and isn't extremely slimy, does it look fungal or more of a normal shedding, or other problem?

As you can tell I've never owned a terrapin before so all advice, purchase or husbandry tips are very welcome!
Thank you!
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Re: Hello, new owner!

Post by Neil » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:05 am

Hello and welcome to the site and forum! :)

Firstly, my sincere apologies that you post has gone unanswered for so long, I've been very busy lately and unfortunately few others are still active on the forum because it's not been getting new posts for a while. Growth is actually only a little slow at 3" at around 5 years and shell looks reasonable although in need of a better setup and a good shed!

Looks like you're commited to doing well, there's probably all the information on this site and forum that you'll need to know (which is I suppose another reason that it has become quiet!), but any questions feel free to post or email directly if it's more urgent. Have you read the CARE SHEET on the main site or in the care section of the forum?

You have a mixture, as most sliders are due to the way they are "farmed", mostly yellow belly with some red eared slider traits as well ~trttle
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