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Terrapins offered "FTGH" - free to good home
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free to a good home

Post by kezza » Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:15 pm

one yellow belly slider and 2 african mud turtles for rehoming in the bristol area, if anyone can help please contact me asap. the ybs is large and one of the africans has a lame leg from birth but is happy. free to a good experienced home

please note i have not met these turtles, but was interested in buying them because i was told they were 1 ybs and 2 diamondback terrapins, i asked for pics and they came but not very clear, but clear enough to see they were african muds or sub species of, so the owner now does not know what they are but does know they need bigger homes to which he cannot afford, he seems a genuine guy who once realising he did not know what he had took the price off and said free to a good caring home and sked for help to re home them
1:3:2 Trachemys scripta scripta
0:1:0 Trachemys scripta elegans
0:1:0 Graptemys ouachitensis
2:0:0 Pelomedusa subrufa
0:1:1 Sternotherus carinatus
0:3:0 Sternotherus odoratus
1:0:0 Mauremys reevesii
1:0:0 Apalone ferox
1:0:0 Chelydra serpentina

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