Vets in Angus & Tayside, Scotland

Let us know the name and address of recommended vets.
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Vets in Angus & Tayside, Scotland

Post by AnythingWithAShell » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:37 am

I have used both of these vets and been happy with them.

Chris Allison - Golf Veterinary Practice (3 practices) This is my usual vet

Traill Drive
East Links
DD10 8SW
01674 672358

19 Keptie St
DD11 3AE
01241 875

6 Dundee St
01241 854772

When I took my Pen cooter to him, as soon as I got her out her box he said "Ah, a cooter". Though he couldn't identify which type, this was a great start in my book ~wink-smile

Chris keeps all sorts of reptiles himself and is fully qualified in exotics. I was delighted with the care he gave to mine and highly recommend him. Plus, I probably have some kind of harmless crush on him... ~blsh

Blackness Veterinary Surgery
82 Brook Street
01382 225422

I took my cooter here when Chris was on holiday, and I saw a woman but I couldn't tell you her name now! She was lovely and very friendly but didn't seem as comfortable with turtles. She was unsure how to hold my almost-2Kg beast and when I took her out her box all she knew was that she wasn't a RES! Treatment and advice given was correct though.
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