Monthly photo competition
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Post by Neil » Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:05 pm

The photo competition, once it's up and running, will be run by Lewis and held on a monthly basis unless there are less than 3 entries, in which case they will be carried over to the next month, but I'm hoping that there will be lots of people interested in entering! The prize, other than a feeling of self-satisfaction, will be your photo on the main page (once it's finished) and also (reduced in size) at the top of the forum where you currently see the photo's of "Nigel", Maria's little river cooter.

The photo competition moderator is the only non-staff who can start topics or polls in this forum, but all members can reply and vote, hope it all goes smoothly! Finally, don't forget that this is a competition for nice looking photos, not just interesting turtles, and people like to see natural type photos rather than "here's me holding my turtle" type photos so put some effort in and best of luck :)
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