Terrapin not eating

Any questions regarding the health of your terrapin.
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Terrapin not eating

Post by sharonlockhart1461 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:53 am

Hi I am new so apologies if I am not in the correct place We have a terrapin that we re homed we have had him about 5 years and he has been good. He has stopped eating and now hasn't eaten for about 6 weeks. The strange thing is he is doing everything he usually does and appears very well he just won't eat. He has always been a bit fussy but he always ate something in the end. He's basking swimming about and doing everything as normal. We have had him at the vet and they knocked him out had a look in his mouth they said it was red but no signs of infection. They washed all his mouth out gave him pain killer and antibiotics and we have been taking him every day for an injection of antibiotics and anti inflammatory as a precautionary measure to infection they said. Today is his last injection. But he still isn't eating. We have him in a big tank with an external filter and a basking area as I said we have had him years with no problems. Anyone any idea ? And how long can he last without food thanks Sharon

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Re: Terrapin not eating

Post by Neil » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:23 pm

Hello and welcome to the site and forum :)

Have you checked your temps and your water quality? Do you know the species and the gender? Do you do any partial water changes, or do you have live plants? Six weeks without eating is getting a decent amount of time in normal conditions, however there are times when a terrapin will stop eating for extended periods. How much and how often do you normally feed, and what sort of things do you offer?

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