Fattys unwell :(

Any questions regarding the health of your terrapin.
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Fattys unwell :(

Post by jessiemoss » Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:43 pm

Hi guys,

got a call from my boyfriend when i was overseas yesterday and he said fatty wont stop basking. also he looked unwell.
He noticed fatty upstairs one morning after lights had been off all night, thought it was odd, so switched on the lights, he said he didnt get down all day, so that afternoon he pushed him back in the water, and after 5 mins he got back up - been there ever since, day 3 now.
4 days ago he didnt each as much as usual but my boyfirend tends to feed them more than i do so he didnt think much of it
yesterday he didnt eat anything :(
he doenst open his eyes fully, hes lethargic.
we moved house a month ago, but have not seen any changes in him since then, also his flatmate, Mo who we call "the small one" is thriving and no issues.

ive called the vet and on standby for the vet to call me back and let me know if i need to go in today or make an appt for tomorrow as they are fully booked today.
anyone ever heard of this that can offer me any advice?

fatty is 6years old. never had any health issues before. He is a cooter,( pseudemys nelsoni)



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Re: Fattys unwell :(

Post by Julie » Wed Nov 04, 2015 3:11 pm

I don't know if it's relevant or not but:

My Max is staying out after lights off at the moment, something she does periodically. Sometimes I push her back in and sometimes I don't. I think sometimes she does this when Digby is being a pest and it's just easier for her to stay out of the way. I should stress though that Max has no symptoms of anything.

Let us know how you get on ~trttle
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