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Terrapin Tank Volume Calculator

terrapin turtle tank size calculator

Welcome to my terrapin tank volume calculator. It is designed to help choose a good sized tank for your terrapin(s) based on a sensible amount of water to provide enough swimming space and maintain good water quality. It is designed first and foremost for the common species (cooters, maps, and sliders), but with a bit of thought can be adjusted to the less common species (like musks and softshells). While it is not usually recommended to have multiple terrapins in a tank due to possible aggression (especially so with softshells!), I have given the option of up to 3 turtles being in the same tank.

The SCL (which stands for Straight Carapace Length) is measured from the front of shell to the back (but not following the curve), and should be measured in inches. The volume returned is in both litres and US gallons, and is water volume, not just the tank volume. Unless you are planning an above tank basking area, it's recommended that you add approximately 20% to the water volume for the tank size. It is also recommended to allow plenty of space for growth to save having to upgrade for a while.

SCL of largest turtle SCL of second turtle SCL of third turtle
Litres US Gallons UK Gallons

Here, you can calculate the approximate water volume in your tank, just put in the dimensions and then select which units you've been measuring in!

Length of tank Width of tank Depth of water
Litres US Gallons UK Gallons