Terrapin and turtle information and care sheets


terrapin turtle buying advice guide

If you're on this site, then chances are you've already got your terrapin(s), but if you haven't then don't rush out and buy the first terrapin you see as most species will live in excess of 40 years, so it is quite a commitment! Many shops are now selling a wide variety of terrapins, from common musks which grow to only 5-6" and can survive outside for most (if not all) the year, to alligator snappers which need heated water and can grow up to nearly 3ft and can weigh over 60kgs! With this variety, it is very important that you make the right choice of terrapin to ensure that you can care for it not only now and the next couple of years, but for it's entire life, even as your own changes.

We would advise that those of you who haven't already purchased your terrapin, and haven't already looked, to check out the various care sheets available which have been produced by our most experienced members and cover a number of species from the most commonly available / easy to keep at the top, to much less common / harder to keep at the bottom of the list. Each care sheet gives adult size, life expectancy, and details of care requirements, so that you can see in advance exactly what you are "letting yourself in for", and make a decision on which species you can best provide for with all the correct information to hand.