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Animals at Play: Rules of the Game (Animals and Ethics) What Can We Learn From Watching Animals Play A Dogs Chase Each Other And Wrestle Cats Pounce And Bite These Animals May Look Like They Are Fighting, But If You Pay Close AttentionOCo As World Renowned Biologist Marc Bekoff DoesOCoyou Can See They Are Playing And Learning The Rules Of Their Games In Animals At Play, Bekoff Shows Us How Animals Behave When They Play, With Full Color Illustrations Showing Animals In Action And Having FunOCofrom Squirrels Climbing Up A Tree To Polar Bears Somersaulting In The SnowaBekoff Emphasizes How Animals Communicate, Cooperate And Learn To Play Fair And What Happens When They Break The Rules He Uses Lively Illustrations And Simple Explanations Of What It Means When A Sea Lion Swims With Kelp In Its Mouth Or When Two Dogs Bow To Each Other Bekoff Also Describes What Happens When Animals Become Too Aggressive And How They Apologize, Forgive And Learn To Trust One Anothera This Entertaining And Informative Bookawill Delight Every Child And Show Readers How AnimalsOCoand HumansOCointeract When They Are Having Funa

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Animals at Play: Rules of the Game (Animals and Ethics)
  • Marc Bekoff
  • English
  • 26 April 2017
  • 9781592135516

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    This article was originally published on the Website for Jane Goodall s Roots and Shoots.ROOTS SHOOTS BOOK CLUB November 2008 Animals at Play Rules of the Game by Marc Bekoff11 01 2008This month s Roots Shoots Book Club selection comes from one of our very own community members Marc Bekoff, group leader of Roots Shoots groups in Boulder, Colorado.In Animals at Play Rules of the Game, Marc and illustrator Michael J DiMotta introduce young readers to the unwritten codes of behavior that animals follow when playing with one another.An ethologist and Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Marc simply and clearly explains the ways in which animals play together and communicate from a dog s play bow to a vole s pheromones to a chimpanzee s panthoot The book is geared toward readers aged 9 to 11, helping them to see how their own human friendships have a lot in common with those of other animals.The second in the Animals and Ethics series edited by Marc, Animals at Play received coverage in the Vegetarian Times and is wholeheartedly endorsed by Dr Jane Marc Bekoff s ideas about fair play stress the significance of cooperation and justice, aspects of behavior desperately needed in the world today, Dr Jane writes Read this book, share it with the children in your life and incorporate its lessons into your classroom, family room or board room Read the rest of te article here

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    I bought this book for my daughter She s a bit young for the amount of text in the book, but we are able to discuss the pictures and I can summarize the points being made by the author The book encourages those that read it to look at play behavior in animals to understand the types of communication that go into successful play It looks at how different animals initiate play, and what happens when an animal gets too excited and accidentally hurts another animal This was very helpful for my daughter because she could see that animals made mistakes when they played, and they had a way of apologizing and continuing to play Another helpful aspect, from a parents perspective was a reminder that play is important for adult life Play teaches important physical, social, and mental skills that are used later in life Finally, as I mentioned before, the book encourages paying attention to animal play behavior, essentially prompting children to play at ethology, but also honing observational skills that they will use the rest of their life.

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    Great, easy read explaining how various animals know when their companions are being playful or aggressive Many of these rules can apply to children as well The first rule of play Everyone has to want to play So obvious but yet so profound.

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