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Mama's Kiss The Kiss Mama Blew To Her Little Girl Goes Merrily Astray, Slipping And Sliding And Sashaying From Cheek To Cheek Until It Finally Lands Just Right Where It Belonged Told In Jaunty Verse, Award Winning Jane Yolen S Clever Fantasy Offers Warm And Witty Affirmation That It Is Indeed Love That Makes The World Go Round

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Mama's Kiss
  • Jane Yolen
  • English
  • 28 February 2019
  • 9780811866835

About the Author: Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen is a novelist, poet, fantasist, journalist, songwriter, storyteller, folklorist, and children s book author who has written than three hundred books Her accolades include the Caldecott Medal, two Nebula Awards, the World Fantasy Award, three Mythopoeic Awards, the Kerlan Award, two Christopher Awards, and six honorary doctorate degrees from colleges and universities in Massachuset

10 thoughts on “Mama's Kiss

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    I love the idea of traveling kisses 3

  2. says:

    Mama s kiss misses its target and is spread throughout the world before it comes back home This is an interesting and compelling way to illustrate a universal kind of love This would probably be best one on one, but could be used for storytime with older preschoolers.

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    A sweet story of a kiss sailing around

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    Sweet and mild pass it on story about a kiss that flies through the air and improves the lives of a variety of people and animals.

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    Wow I ve read many Jane Yolen titles and this one did nothing for me I am a fan of illustrations in books As a child, looking at detailed and beautiful illustrations encouraged me to read The illustrations in this title are lack luster I mean, they aren t crude You can distinguish a bear, a dog, a person, but they just didn t engage me The story is told in rhyming verse but, still not spectacular I m not a child and I didn t read it aloud to a child but I m not sure that would have helped A toddler may not know what a lair is The child may not feel comfortable enough to ask what it means, especially if in a classroom setting Lands upon a runner s hair, As he hurries past the lair, Jane Yolen has written 100s of books and the dinosaur series alone has sold over 14,000,000, so what do I know about Mama s Kiss

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    I go hot and cold with Yolen usually but this one was middle of the road for me I m not really picky with illustrations and while these are okay and get the job done they aren t fantastic I do like Yolen s stories like this much than the other non rhyming stories for whatever reason I like the premise the mothers kiss misses its target and instead flies around spreading love to others in the world Finally the love comes right back home The meaning will be lost on younger kids without a little help understanding it but even without it the story is cute With the meaning it s even enjoyable in my opinion I agree with the reviewers who said this is a cute story for mothers and daughters It was nice to find a Yolen book that I don t hate because lately they seem to be the only ones I pick of hers.

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    This is a nice story to read with children that are into getting their good night kiss It s one of those nice bonding stories that can be shared between a parent and a child The text is a rhyming poem, and young readers will surely recognize the rhythm that is maintained throughout Overall, nicely done.

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    The concept is kind of cool, but the rhyme and story seem forced Plus, including a Hersey s Kiss at the end Hello, product placement Yolen is pretty awesome in general those Dinosaur books, for example , but this one was not so appealing.

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    This book turned up with cheeto finger prints all over it, which is what brought it to my attention It is cute, and would be fun for a mother s day story It might be fun as a game or an activity, especially if you found some stuffed lips

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    creative story about kisses from mama An actual graphic of a pair lips floats throughout the pages Cute story for a mother s day theme or in valentine s day perfect for toddlers and preschool kids

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