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The Cat's Eye Shell (Chain of Charms #4) The Final Three Paperbacks Of The Award Winning Six Book Series By Kate Forsyth.Life Is Always Hard For The Gypsies, Who Live To Their Own Rhythm And Their Own Rules, But Since Oliver Cromwell Had Seized Control Of England, Life Had Been Harder And Drabber Than Ever But Now Life For The Finch Tribe Has Gone Even Horribly Wrong They Have Been Accused Of Vagrancy And Murder, And Thrown Into Gaol With Only Three Weeks To Live The Only Members Of The Family To Escape Are 13 Year Old Emilia And Her Cousin Luka They Have Been Entrusted To Find The Six Charms And Bring Them Together Again Then, Perhaps, The Gypsies Could Once Again Have Some Luck And The Finch Tribe Could Walk Free What Emilia And Luka Do Not Realise Is That There Is A Price To Be Paid For Each Lucky Charm, And That The Cost May Prove Too High20th August 24th August 1658 Having Acquired The First Three Charms In The Quest To Secure Their Family S Freedom, Luka And Emilia Flee Into Sussex With Soldiers Hot On Their Heels, In Company With A Royalist Duke, A Catholic Priest, A Highwayman And Young Tom Whitehorse Only The Catholic Underground Can Help Them All Escape But This Is A Most Dangerous Religion In The Time Of Puritan Rule And Emilia And Luka Still Must Find The Elusive Gypsy Tribe Of The Cat S Eye Shell, Who, It Seems, Have Turned To Smuggling

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  • The Cat's Eye Shell (Chain of Charms #4)
  • Kate Forsyth
  • 06 July 2017

About the Author: Kate Forsyth

Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel at the age of seven, and is now the internationally bestselling author of 40 books for both adults and children Her books for adults include Beauty in Thorns , the true love story behind a famous painting of Sleeping Beauty The Beast s Garden , a retelling of the Grimm version of Beauty the Beast , set in the German underground resistance to Hitler in WW

10 thoughts on “The Cat's Eye Shell (Chain of Charms #4)

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    Fourth entry in the series is another good yarn and the series builds towards the end One question I have is I wonder if the author was thinking of later preacher Charles Spurgeon when she named the evil minister Spurgeon It seems such an unlikely name and the real Spurgeon from all accounts was a good man unlike this horror in the story.Anyway a decent book again.

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    I really like that Emilia has such strong, feministic character for such a young girl Now I have to wait 10 days for the audiobook for the book 5 to become available Le sad But in all honestly I know that I ve said this in every review for every book so far in this series, but they are so well plotted and researched.

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    This series continues to impress, mystery element in this of who is betraying the duke The story of Emilia and Luka keeps developing and people interact with them, priests, gypsies, nobles, Catholics, smugglers I also really liked all the actual historical houses and land marks included in this series.

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    Review to come on my blog.

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    This is book four in a series of six Luka and Emilia are desperate to find the fourth charm, which will help save their families from the gallows.This book was rather slower than the others Not as much happened, not as much urgency felt That s not to say I didn t enjoy it In fact, in some ways this book felt realistic as the children weren t escaping from the clutches of Coldham every five minutes.I ll continue reading the series.

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    I am still enjoying this series.More adventures for Luka and Emilia as they chase the next charm for their bracelet They find it in Rye, as an earring in a smugglers ear and in exchange for this charm they must trade the telescope that Luka got from a person they had spent some time with on their trip.They travel in this book with a royalist group The Duke of Ormond, his servant Nate, Tom Whitehead who is someone from home and a Catholic Priest.

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    Book 4 entertaining, just as the other ones i quite liked this one because of a couple of newish characters, the earl who s a bit blind, really, and the shifty gypsy smuggler whose name has just escaped me lots of running away from their captors again and somehow Emilia and Luka always find a way out.

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    I think it was fabulous and i really liked the way Luka and Emilia is succeeding on getting the charms This book is a real beuty.

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    This was a good book I suspected Nat of being the traitor because he was so uptight and grumpy all the time like a Puritan.

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    Finished this yesterday, and as per usual it was great These are such fun and entertaining middle grade reads and I m finally almost at finishing this series Read this in one sitting and loved it

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