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Pledge Slave Andrew Baines Is A New Member Of Alpha Psi, A Reluctant Pledge To The College S Most Popular Fraternity On The Last Night Of Hell Week, Andrew Completes His Initiation With A Carnal Act Designed To Humiliate Him But Instead Of Disgusting Him, The Deeply Erotic Encounter Arouses Him Almost Unbearably Andrew Is Confused And Tortured By His Reaction He Doesn T Want To Think About The Terrible Urges He Keeps Buried Inside, Let Alone Act On Them.urges That Will Get Him Kicked Out Of The Fraternity And Disowned By His Family Tony Ginelli Is An Alpha Psi Brother, The Recipient Of Andrew S Act Of Erotic Initiation When Andrew Becomes His Slave For The Next Two Semesters, Tony Masters The Handsome Pledge In Every Way That Counts As Tony Discovers Andrew S Long Held Secrets And Desires, The Lovers Forge A Bond That Lasts Beyond College But While Tony Helps Andrew Face His Demons, He Is Terrified To Reveal His Own Dark Secret.one That Could Kill The Very Man He Loves.

  • ebook
  • 103 pages
  • Pledge Slave
  • Evangeline Anderson
  • English
  • 01 April 2017
  • 9781419911910

About the Author: Evangeline Anderson

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for

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    Andrew has everything A fancy car, a great job as a junior partner in one of the most prestigious litigation firms, money and a trophy fianc e.Andrew is about to kill himself He wrote his will, which left everything to his fianc Basically, he has left her everything she wants from him i.e his Jaguar, his boat, his townhouse and plenty of money These will make her happy.Andrew has also sent an email to Tony his ex lover, his roommate in the same fraternity and the love of his life Tony can take Andrew s dog If Andrew remembers correctly, Tony really loves animals An incident 9 years ago separated the two of them suddenly and violently Andrew had to send his goodbyes before he dies.Andrew is really miserable He has had enough He tried to live like his father wanted him to live, i.e his exact image, maybe a bit improved The gun is already in his mouth when he hears someone knocking at his door and shouting Tony has come back for him.The story in the book takes place in two time periods 9 years ago at the college when Andrew and Tony became lovers the major part of the book Just before Tony reunites with Andrew and Andrew has a gun.The story is paranormal romance I had no idea before I started the book and honestly it does not really matter that much Most of the time, Tony is human and crazy in love It is obvious that he has a secret and he is hiding it from his roommate, but it does not stop their relationship develop like they are just a normal young gay couple who has just discovered that they have feelings for each other and they want to exploit them physically Their parents are NOT supportive and are also conservative to the bone Both of the boys have feelings of guilt because they will let them down Tony has many people weres depending on him, but he will be determined and tougher than Andrew Andrew will strangle with the rules of society, with what it is considered normality.I liked the story, but I think it needed depth when their relationship was developed in college I felt some things were a bit rushed Moreover, some scenes during the sorority induction week are rather cruel and some scenes where Andrew is acting as Tony s slave are also very unpleasant Overall the book was worth reading it I believe Evangeline Anderson writes excellent MM stories although lately she mainly writes Sci Fi erotica romance.

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    I liked Andrew and Tony as a couple Although I wasn t thrilled about what was forced on them at the beginning, I appreciated how they became friends then lovers I thought the storyline was well paced and I liked the paranormal twist it had, too.

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    ALMOST PROMISING.So I was reading the blurb for this, and I was very very interested.I don t like to admit this but I like watching humiliation type of videos, so I guess I think this book was for me, based on the blurb.But it was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what I thought it was First, Chapter 1 2 was too heavy for me to start any novel view spoiler I mean suicide That s too depressing hide spoiler

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    3.5 of 5 Opening the story with Andrew contemplating suicide had me hooked He is a tall male with a swimmer s body and dark blue eyes After a pledge hazing gone wrong Andrew is paired w TOny as his pledge slave Tony is Italian and built like a linebacker with dark hair and eyes With a musky, male animal scent Tony has to command Andrew to do menial taskswhenever the chapter president is around Since Tony feels bad about the hazing Andrew had to submit to Tony befriends him and things progress from there.The thing I adored about this m m romance was the difference in the mood I liked the difference that the two men presented in type and personality Tho this was a short story is was well paced and the characters developed nicely and the sex scenes went from exploratory to scandalous.I finished the story within hours of purchase I have read several where the characters at least admit to being gay and want to pursue a relationship, and only, their own feelings are whats stopping a total connection Andrew s initial sexual confusion and Tony s curiosity of his attraction to a male as a mate really made this story happen for me.I always like the same but different.E.Anderson has proven once again, to me, she can master any story she crafts.

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    2.3 StarsFrom the offensive Greek hazing rituals and sexual assault initiationto the trying to hard coincidence of this Frat nickname being the Alphas when one of the MCs is a Were Yeah, not even the sex was worth having to read this.Stupid limited Challenge lists.

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    It was the second book I ever read by this author And it was really good spoiler ahead The only issue I had was with the paranormal bit Tony being a werewolf and how it came between the two and the fact that all their story was placed as a flash from the past But everything else was just very nicely put together I was entranced by how they came together the hazing period for Andrew was really rough but so hot and arousing with that final scene And their gradual change from roommates to lovers was so sweet and endearing their slow dance around each other, tasting the waters and slowly letting go to feelings and physical experiences made for a nice read The sex scenes were amazing, so because they were tangled with romance and heartfelt emotions.If it weren t for the rather savage killing and twisted time line of presenting the events, this would have gotten a 5 star rating end spoiler But even with those glitches, it was a great read.

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    I really loved this book As there s an important aspect of this story that is not mentioned in the blurb at all, I m gonna put the whole review in spoiler brackets Still, be aware that this is a fantasy novel view spoiler Andrew is a new student trying to make his demanding father happy by joining the same fraternity that his dad had attended at university Only, this stupid fraternity seems to be run by a sadistic bastard who makes new brothers suffer during their first week Things reach their peak when the guy forces Andrew to give a blowjob to an older brother in front of the whole fraternity The older guy, Tony, is a senior student who will soon finish his business degree and is hoping to leave the craziness of this insane fraternity behind rather sooner than later Obeying the frat president in letting the new guy suck his cock freaks him out, but Tony feels or rather smells a strange connection to Andrew, and he immediately requests Andrew to be his personal pledge slave for the next 2 semesters, hoping to protect the younger guy from the frat president s cruelty this way Of course, Andrew and Tony staying in the same room for a full year makes both guys realize things about themselves that they have never discovered before like their incredibly strong bond despite being two guys However, why does Tony disappear during the night, especially during full moons And why does he return covered in blood And what exactly did Tony mean when he accidentally called his family a pack Surely, he must have been talking about the Italian greyhounds his family is breeding LOL I loved this story It was the first time that I accidentally stumbled across a werewolf novel, which is a genre that I have always avoided so far There s only so much Jacob Black that I can take, LOL.Still, I didn t mind the supernatural aspect here at all I m not saying it was totally believable, but as far as a werewolf story goes, I really loved it hide spoiler

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    2.5 starsOkay this book was totally ridiculous I went between cringing and eye rolling through most of it That being said I was also fairly entertained yeah I am lame Before I started reading M M romance almost exclusively I read a fair amount of Evangeline Anderson s m f books She has a gift for the dramatic and the dirty talk, but I also forgot about how far fetched and completely ridiculous her plots can be But seriously I am easily entertained and I like a lot of totally ridiculous books so I should have loved this one right I guess what bugs me is that in most of the insta love, super ridiculous, crazy ass shit I read I know that the author is so far off course it s gotta be fantasy and I just go along for the happy ride This one though brings too much attempt at real dramatic issues and turns them into an insulting circus Like how the main character is about to commit suicide in the first chapter I mean that is a serious issue or how fraternity hazing another serious issue is focused on blow jobs that is pretty laughable I know a heck of a lot of fraternity guys and I can guarantee you that cock sucking was never part of any initiation right So ridiculous.Okay now that I have had my rant I will say I did enjoy the characters and there were some hot sex scenes and if you just take this story as a complete work of fantasy like it could have also taken place on Mars then it was pretty entertaining and I don t feel like my intelligence was being insulted.

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    Very strong story, with a cleverly pulled twist and a touch of gore that I found quite irresistible The pacing is good, sex is easily pulled off neither too long on the tooth nor gaudy, over the top , the storytelling has an effortless grace that showcases Mrs Angerson s clever use of temporality most of the book belongs in the past in the form of a huge flashback, so as to explain the crisis with which it opens and ends as well as her judicious alternation of heated times, interludes heavy on the plot and scenes concerned about furthering the portrayal of the protagonists, the romance manages to be both extremely carnal, dirty even, and deeply heartfelt, and the humiliation of the pledge slave by his senior fraternity brother was tastefully evoked, but despite all these qualities it is the entire cast that made a success out of this novel I seldom loathed a bad guy as much as I did the head of the fraternity and his damn cane this speaks volumes about the many layers of Andrew and Tony Congratulations to Mrs Anderson are in order for achieving such a brilliant crossover between a shifter tale and a story of hazing at college level, two plotlines that usually ill cohere together.

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    In theory I really like the plot there s inner conflict, mild D s, a Were wolf And I enjoyed parts of the book, mainly start and middle The style is above average But there s the ending so one minute Drew wants to kill himself, and the next everything is all right again just because Tony shows up Why the hell didn t he get in contact with Tony earlier, then One could argue that the email he wrote was a massive cry for help, but 1 that would make Drew a terrible master of manipulation, and 2 he is supposed to be this tough guy who can take it all I felt the suicidality of Drew was handled abysmally Another gripe I have is with Wainwright Ok, none of the characters have many dimensions, but Wainwright is the worst His sole purpose is to create the contrived situations for the non con I have tried to read one book by E.A before Slave Boy and was turned off it for the same reason Believable non con is hard to write, I think I didn t work for me here Therefore it was okay, but it s going to be a long time before I ll try reading another book from E.A again.

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