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Golden Eyes (Amber Eyes, #1) When Sheriff Duncan Kennedy Finds An Injured Cheetah In His Mountains, He Brings It Home, Determined To Find Out How She Got There And Stop The Poachers Who Were Hunting Her When He Later Checks On The Cheetah And Instead Finds A Gorgeous, Naked Woman With An Arrow In Her Leg, He S Completely Flabbergasted.For Six Months, Aliyah Carver Has Been Trapped In Cheetah Form Taken By Poachers Who Import Exotic Animals To Illegally Hunt, She Stayed In Animal Form To Avoid Detection She Escaped The Hunters, But Now She Faces Another Problem A Devastatingly Sexy Sheriff Who Now Knows Her Secret.Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse.

  • ebook
  • 277 pages
  • Golden Eyes (Amber Eyes, #1)
  • Maya Banks
  • English
  • 20 August 2019

About the Author: Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.

10 thoughts on “Golden Eyes (Amber Eyes, #1)

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    Well I found a book with a cheetah shifter and was so excited I did a really stupid thingI picked it up without checking out the author first I know, I know, I shoudn t do that but I did If I had checked, I would have read the notes about her being into the whole menage scene and I wouldn t have touched this series with a ten foot pole FYI The menage thing is a love triangle on steroids and I despise triangles Anyway I started out with such high hopes and it was promising Poachers steal various African wildlife including a were cheetah off the Savannah and release them as part of an illegal large game hunt in the US for rich people Yay, Exciting plot She s running for her life, people are trying to kill her with arrows no less and the sheriff swoops in and saves her Ignoring the fact that he is not weirded out by her shifting and instinctively trusts the wild cheetah in the Rockys Yup no questions there So it reads good up until he gets his rescued cheetah to his secluded cabin of course Theeeeen this book reads like a teenage boys fantasy Complete with willing, experienced, no strings attached voluptuous beauty who asks to fulfill his kinkiest dreams.literally You know, despite them being total strangers, her being hunted, knowing zip about this dude and. she crawls in his pants Might I add she has been in captivity as a cheetah in a filthy cage for 6 months, just had an arrow yanked out of her leg and hasn t even showered The dude has standards Funny thing, he actually states that he is not convinced that he is special, that he is pretty sure just any guy would have worked for her Well guess what If he s not convinced, I sure am not.Basically at this point the plot I admired deteriorates beyond hope since he makes a half a ed effort to hunt down poachers during the day, as he continually gripes about being away from his new toy Every evening he rushes home early to her I think the most amusing part of the entire 4 chapters I read amusing in its absurdity was when she calmly asks him if he has crotch rot, then informs him that she has been tested for STDS as they proceed to discuss the safety precautions or not of their previous relationships AFTER they have been together multiple times with no holds barred Yeah.

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    This was a short quick read that I liked and this was the first time that I have read a paranormal read written by Ms Banks Aliyah Carter is being hunted by poachers, hunters that are a part of a smuggling ring that brings African predators to the mountains of Colorado and releasing them to be slaughtered Snatched in her cheetah form six months ago, Aliyah is racing for her life when an arrow pierces her leg She manages to evade the poachers but is found by Duncan Kennedy, local sheriff, who is quite surprised to find a cheetah in his mountains, let alone a wounded one When one of the poachers sneaks up on Duncan while he s trying to aid the wounded feline, he s rescued by the surprising actions of the cheetah, and manages to get the large cat back to his cabin But the surprises are just beginning when he leaves her in his mudroom arrow still sticking out of her leg turns into a gorgeous female with an arrow sticking out of her thigh The world as Duncan knew it has changed forever, and Aliyah, feline to female and gorgeous with it, claws her way into Duncan s heart, then his bed But the threat to her life and the threat to Duncan s mountain tear them apart forever This was a really good book that I didn t want to end This book was well written like all of Ms Banks books with no errors in spelling or grammar this was a new series for me and I am looking forward to reading the next book.

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    I had hoped to get into the paranormal world again Agar taking a break Bad idea to read anything from this author The plot fell apart right away and all they did was have sex How boring There was no plot

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    2.5 stars

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    Duncan and Aliyah have a unique meet cute The romance is sweet and hot The mystery and search for the poachers is always entwined in the story, keeping the suspense thriving I wish there was than where the story ends I guess I ll have to read the next book to see if they show up too I want to know

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    Golden Eyes is Maya Banks 0.5 book in the Amber Eyes series This short book was wonderful It brought back memories of my early teens where I bottle fed an infant puma cub whose mom was killed by a bear in Colorado of all places We gave it to the zoo when she went over 200 So I immediately fell in love with Aliyah and her sister who I m looking forward to reading in book 1.I m delighted to read one of my favorite authors writing about lycanthropic characters Duncan and Aliyah are evading and trying to bring to justice smugglers providing stolen wild game for poachers.This story was action packed surrounded by volcanically steamy romance scenes and intrigue.Adults who love flammable romantic scenes should certainly like this fast read.

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    when sheriff duncan kennedy gets calls from folks in his small colorado town saying they have seen exotic animals he doesn t give the claims much thought after getting a call saying that gunshots were heard he goes to check it out he ends up finding a wounded cheetah and some hostile hunters of course the cheetah is a lot than she seems there was enough story to keep this book from falling into the all sexcapades all the time territory, and it was even a good one always a bonus with banks you always can count on the sex scenes being plenty steamy, and this was no let down.

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    Well, it s not so bad Aliyah is a shifter and she can shift to cheetah Bunch of hunters hunted her and Duncan the sheriff saved her But apparently Aliyah couldn t save her heart from him So did Duncan A simple shifter s story The storyline s very common and predictable But again, it s very Maya Banks y so if you re a fan, like me, you ll not disappointed But one thing I didn t like, that Aliyah s attraction is based on physical only Right I mean, I know she s in love with him eventually but still Didn t quite comfortable imagining it But overall so far so good.

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    I love Maya but I have to say this wasn t my favorite I still liked it ok and will read Amber Eyes which is next I can t really say why I wasn t crazy about it It just didn t grab me like some others.

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    For what it is, it s quite enjoyable The suspense and drama take a back seat to loads and loads of steamy hot sex Yowza But if you want plot over sex, you should probably skip this one.

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