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Helpers in Your Neighborhood Get To Know The Everyday Heroes In Your Community From Firefighters To Teachers, Mail Carriers To Crossing Guards, Neighborhood Helpers Are All Around.Young Readers Learn About The Importance Of Cooperation And The People Who Lead The Way In Our Communities Perfect For Beginning Readers, National Geographic Pre Readers Include Simple, Expert Vetted Text And Large, Engaging Photos On Every Page A Vocabulary Tree At The Beginning Of The Book Introduces Kids To Key Words In Concept Groups, Helping Kids Make Connections Between Words Plus, A Wrap Up Activity Gives Kids A Chance To Use What They Ve Learned, While Expanding Their Understanding Of The World.

15 thoughts on “Helpers in Your Neighborhood

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    Kids loved this Great nonfiction piece for classrooms

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    Good story Good reading level as soon hope should be able to read it to me.

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    Crossing guards.Police.Librarians.Firefighters, waiters, doctors, teachers, mail carrier.This book explains what workers helpers do in simple language.Vocabulary in front.International.

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