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What You Have Heard Is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance The Powerful Story Of A Young Poet Who Becomes An Activist Through A Trial By Fire What You Have Heard Is True Is A Devastating, Lyrical, And Visionary Memoir About A Young Woman S Brave Choice To Engage With Horror In Order To Help Others Written By One Of The Most Gifted Poets Of Her Generation, This Is The Story Of A Woman S Radical Act Of Empathy, And Her Fateful Encounter With An Intriguing Man Who Changes The Course Of Her Life.Carolyn Forch Is Twenty Seven When The Mysterious Stranger Appears On Her Doorstep The Relative Of A Friend, He Is A Charming Polymath With A Mind As Seemingly Disordered As It Is Brilliant She S Heard Rumors From Her Friend About Who He Might Be A Lone Wolf, A Communist, A CIA Operative, A Sharpshooter, A Revolutionary, A Small Coffee Farmer, But According To Her, No One Seemed To Know For Certain He Has Driven From El Salvador To Invite Forch To Visit And Learn About His Country Captivated For Reasons She Doesn T Fully Understand, She Accepts And Becomes Enmeshed In Something Beyond Her Comprehension.Together They Meet With High Ranking Military Officers, Impoverished Farm Workers, And Clergy Desperately Trying To Assist The Poor And Keep The Peace These Encounters Are A Part Of His Plan To Educate Her, But Also To Learn For Himself Just How Close The Country Is To War As Priests And Farm Workers Are Murdered And Protest Marches Attacked, He Is Determined To Save His Country, And Forch Is Swept Up In His Work And In The Lives Of His Friends Pursued By Death Squads And Sheltering In Safe Houses, The Two Forge A Rich Friendship, As She Attempts To Make Sense Of What She S Experiencing And Establish A Moral Foothold Amidst Profound Suffering This Is The Powerful Story Of A Poet S Experience In A Country On The Verge Of War, And A Journey Toward Social Conscience In A Perilous Time.

  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • What You Have Heard Is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance
  • Carolyn Forché
  • English
  • 09 January 2018
  • 9780525560371

About the Author: Carolyn Forché

Carolyn Forch was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1950 She studied at Michigan State University and earned an MFA from Bowling Green State University Forch is the author of four books of poetry Blue Hour HarperCollins, 2004 The Angel of History 1994 , which received the Los Angeles Times Book Award The Country Between Us 1982 , which received the Poetry Society of America s Alice Fay di C

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    It was as if he had stood me squarely before the world, removed the blindfold, and ordered me to open my eyes What You Have Heard Is True A Memoir of Witness and Resistance Carolyn Forch I was so angry when I closed the cover of this book Like the author, I felt like my eyes had been opened Who what do you believe in No, who what do you trust in Why was the United States meddling in El Salvador in the first place My European Asian friends tell me Americans are blind, naive Sadly, I believe it.Forch s memoir, written over 15 years, is the story of how she came to be educated on what happened during her journeys in El Salvador This memoir is really the story of a young woman s education.1977 Carolyn Forch is teaching at a university in Southern California Unexpectedly, Leonel G mez Vides shows up at her door with his children in tow He s come from El Salvador just to talk to her or so he says Forch has never met G mez he is a cousin of Claribel Alegr a the Spanish poet Forch hopes to translate There she heard G mez described as a dangerous man He may even a C.I.A agent And so our adventure begins...

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    6 stars.Monsignor Oscar Romero, who was beatified as a Saint last year by Pope Francis, said, upon being told that his sermons were angering the El Salvadoran military, and that he was taking too many chances One does not need to be fearful We hear from Jesus Christ that one should not tempt God, but my pastoral duty obliges me to go out and be with the people I would not be a good pastor if I was hiding myself and giving testimonies of fear I believe that if death encounters us in the path of our duty, that then is the moment in which we die in the way that God wills Oscar Romero was assassinated by the military while he was celebrating mass one week after he spoke these words in his last interview Carolyn Forche , a poet, and a well and truly lapsed Catholic, recorded the interview, and said that she really thought she saw a light coming from his eyes and his hands as he spoke Romero and his followers were a force for peace, and he was the best advocate the people of El Salvador had as Forche said I found my...

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    Forch , a poet invited to bear witness to the events evolving in El Salvador during the seventies onwards the Resistance, the brutal and savage repression by the military, and the plight of all from Church figures to campesinos Death squads Young men recruited with the promise of highly specialized military careers and the benefits of such to find they walked into a trap there is no escape Quick death is the best hope What am I trying to say with these declarations What can be done with the truth of one person Alex Forch spends a good deal of time relaying her observations having not read her poetry I came to this unaware of her Having grown up in the Caribbean, much of this was not surprising Yes, the extent, the sheer numbers of the missing and dead and the warnings are different But, as a child I knew people who were marked for death, little black dots beside their name on lists The rampant inequity, the glib boasting of the favored young fleeing Haiti after Baby Doc s downfall and the refrigerated parlors where women could wear their fur coats None of this is a surprise I don t photograph corpses unless there are people nearby, living beings, unless the photograph can have some meaning This is brutal in description I was surprised with how unprepared Forch seemed, like a blank page Throwing up at the sight of her first corpse How strange it seemed Bu...

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    I won this in a giveaway An interesting story about a woman I knew little about

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    Carolyn Forch was twenty seven when she traveled to El Salvador for the first time in 1978 She was already an established poet, and a professor of poetry, at a university in southern California, but relatively na ve in world events when one morning, a stranger knocks at her door, holding the hands of his two little daughters He clears a space on Forch s dining room table and begins to graph the history of El Salvador, in pictures and in tumbling, insistent words The man was Leonel G mez Vides, a cousin to the exiled Salvadoran poet Claribel Alegr a Forch had spent the previous summer in Spain translating Alegr a s poetry, and Gomez determined that he wanted a poet to bear witness to the coming civil war in El Salvador Specifically, he wanted Forch Forch s searing, remarkable memoir is both a reportage of the brutal recent history of El Salvador, and the recounting of how an activist is created G mez, whose force is personality compels Forch to travel with him, is a wealthy owner of a coffee plantation in El Salvador with a shadowy reputation Some think he is a CIA operative, others certain he is leading the resistance movement Whatever his standing, he loves his country with a fierce and reckless intensity, and his charisma opens doors to the most dangerous and sacred of spaces After just a few days, he convinces Forch to travel with him, directing her to See as much as you can Memorize everything Especially the layout and the locations ...

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    Forche is a phenomenal poet, and her poetry has long hinted at a raucous and rebellious life lived just beyond the margins, just out of sight of an ordinary existence This is the story of that life, written with the poet s eye and ear for stark detail ...

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    As a true life story almost unbelievable like something out of a nineteenth century novel, random appearances of distant connections setting the protagonist on a journey of self discovery.As biography, simultaneously acute and vague.This is Forch s story of how she transformed herself into a political poet and wrote one of the most famous poems of the late twentieth century, referred to int he title, but not directly in the text She has a clear vision of herself, and weaves together several strands relatively well She also captures life in El Salvador during the late 1970s and early 1980s the violence, paranoia, fronting and affronting, and constant acting.But the real mainspring of the story, Leonel, remains always a cipher and so the story never culminates as one expects there is no revelation, no pay off to all of his gnomic pronouncements rather a kind of peteri...

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    Listening to Carolyn Forche read this book through Audible was an incredible experience I felt honored to listen to the author read her own words I can see the history of El Salvador and the United States as it was when Carolyn Forche was there, as the war began and can see some ways history is playing out in current events today This history, the lack of lesons learned, the lack of compassion and the lack of taking responsbility is a tragedy for El S...

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