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Business Ethics A Foundational Text For The Modern Business Student And An Essential Instructor Resource, This Book Presents A Thorough And Comprehensive Introduction To Business Ethics Taking A Strategic Stakeholder Approach One That Emphasizes How Important It Is To Balance Multiple Stakeholders Needs Students Will Develop The Critical Skills They Need To Analyze And Solve Complex Ethical Issues, While Ensuring Overall Business SuccessThe Second Edition Retains Business Ethicsstrong Balance Of Theory And Practice, But Incorporates Several New Features, Including Fresh Cases Ensuring Students Are Exposed To The Most Topical Real World ExamplesA Global View, With Examples From International And Emerging Markets, And Coverage Of Ethical Standards From Around The WorldAn Expanded Chapter On Individual Ethical Decision Making, As Well As A New Chapter Devoted To Ethical TheoryA Renewed Emphasis On The Popular Boxed Features With Integration Of Newer Case Studies, And The Addition Of Emerging Market Business Ethics Insights The Latest Data On Business Ethics And Ethics Related Issues From A Variety Of Reputable SourcesA Comprehensive Set Of Lecture Slides, Test Questions, And Instructor Notes Provide Additional Material For The Classroom