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Handbook of Graphene The Seventh Volume In A Series Of Handbooks On Graphene Research And ApplicationsThe Handbook Of Graphene, Volume 7 Biomaterials Presents An Overview Of Various Graphene Research Initiatives And Specific Biomedical Applications, Where The Properties Of Graphene Are Used Differently The Book Shares Information On How Graphene And Graphene Based Materials Are Utilized For The Following Types Of Applications Bio Targeting Medical And Biomedical Drug Delivery Antibacterial And Biological, Biosensing And Bioimaging Topics Covered Include The Role Of Graphene Based Materials In Regenerative Medicine Resistive Memories And Transistors And Implants In Biomedicine The Impact Of Graphene Based Biomaterials On Biomedical Applications Is Discussed, As Are Graphene Based Systems In The Delivery Of Therapeutics To The Brain And Central Nervous System.