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    I grabbed this book because I love Rumi poetry, but I have to say I just didn t get Hafez Nothing against the poet and translator, just didn t do it for me.

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L'amourl'amantl'aime Poetry Middle East Studies Bilingual Edition Translated From The Persian By Mahmood Karimi Hakak And Bill Wolak The Poetry Of Hafez Is Pleasing, Magical Wine That Allows You To Become Exactly As Drunk As You Desire Every Time You Taste It Whether The Transport You Seek Is The Frenzy Of Wild Intoxication Or Merely The Slightest Unleashing Of Inhibitions, Hafez Is The Master Of Magnaminity, Tamer Of Tensions, Initiator Of Intimacy, And Mentor Of The Unconventional But Always, Hafez Is The Poet Who Investigates The Confusing Contingencies Of Human Relationships He Understands How Desire Urges Us Along An Uncertain Path Hafez Lives On The Lips Of Illiterates, In The Singing Of Professional Entertainers, As Well As In The Tomes Of Specialists His Poems Are Emergencies They Startle, Confound, Yet Resonate Reading Hafez Is Like Suddenly Hearing An Ambulance Siren Over Your Shoulder In A Crowded Street Or The Whispered Advice Of Your Best Friend In Your Ear Alone The Translation Abounds With Beautifully Wrought And Complexly Conceived Images And This, To My Mind, Highlights The Unique Achievement Of This Particular Set Of Translations Not Only Is The Language Exquisitely Wrought, But The Profundity Of Hafez S Mystical Insights Are Equally Well Wrought This Is Not An Easy Feat When Translating From Persian To English Phillip Cioffari.