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Alone on the Wall Only A Few Years Ago, Alex Honnold Was Little Known Beyond A Small Circle Of Hardcore Climbers Today, At The Age Of 30, He Is Probably The Most Famous Adventure Athlete In The World In That Short Time, He Has Proven His Expertise In Many Styles Of Climbing And Has Shattered Speed Records, Pioneered Routes, And Won Awards Within Each Discipline More Spectacularly Still, He Has Pushed The Most Extreme And Dangerous Form Of Climbing Far Beyond The Limits Of What Anyone Thought Was PossibleFree Soloing, Honnold S Specialty, Is A Type Of Climbing Performed Without A Rope, A Partner, Or Hardware Such As Pitons, Nuts, Or Cams For Aid Or Protection The Results Of Climbing This Way Are Breathtaking, But The Stakes Are Ultimate If You Fall, You DieIn Alone On The Wall, Honnold Recounts The Seven Most Astonishing Climbing Achievements So Far In His Still Evolving Career He Narrates The Drama Of Each Climb Along With Reflective Passages That Illuminate The Inner Workings Of His Highly Perceptive And Discerning Mind We Share In The Jitters And Excitements He Feels Waking In His Van Where He Lives Full Time Before A Climb We See Him Self Criticize In His Climbing Journal A Veritable Bible For Students Of The Sport And We Learn His Secrets To Managing Fear Veteran Climber And Award Winning Author David Roberts Writes Part Of Each Chapter In His Own Voice, And He Calls On Other Climbers And The Sport S Storied Past To Put Alex S Tremendous Accomplishments In PerspectiveWhenever Honnold Speaks In Public, He Is Asked The Same Two Questions Aren T You Afraid You Re Going To Die And Why Do You Do This Alone On The Wall Takes Us Around The World And Through The Highs And Lows In The Life Of A Climbing Superstar To Answer Those Fascinating Questions