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Tortured for Christ Tortured For Christ Gratuit Auteur Rev Richard Wurmbrand Lavons.co.uk After Years Of Imprisonment And Solitary Confinement, Enduring Inhumane Torture, Richard Wurmbrand Emerges With A Powerful Testimony Of Courageous Faith Even Today, Believers Are Suffering And Dying For Christ, Yet Their Faith Will Not Falter Under The Most Unthinkable Persecutions In This Stirring Account, Wurmbrand Founder Of The Voice Of The Martyrs Encourages Us To Remember Those In Chains And Equips Us To Help Our Persecuted Brothers And Sisters In Christ Around The World.

  • Audio CD
  • Tortured for Christ
  • Rev. Richard Wurmbrand
  • English, English
  • 23 February 2017

About the Author: Rev. Richard Wurmbrand

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Tortured for Christ , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Rev. Richard Wurmbrand auteurs dans le monde.

8 thoughts on “Tortured for Christ

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    I m really torn about this review I want to support Christian causes and people but on the other had I don t think that excellence should be sacrificed in the name of doing something for God.This book is called Tortured for Christ but the author admits he didn t want to share much detail about what he and others went through So he figuratively takes a reader up to the door where they were tortured and then to their brokenness and injuries after the fact.I wasn t particularly looking for a play by play of what they went through but he gave only a brief glimpse into that and I was expecting both to strengthen my own faith and perhaps better equip me for what I might face in the future since suffering is a universal promise for Christians and we in the west might be facing the same things as we ...

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    This could of been a great book, if the author would of just told his story however, he author has a strong disapproval of American Christian s In the first few pages of the book he writes The tragedy of all the captive nations is a responsibility on the hearts of American and British Christians Americans must know that they have at times unwittingly assisted the Russians in imposing upon us a regime of murder and terror As a part of the Body of Christ, Americans must atone for this by helping the captive peoples come to the light of Christ He continues to make disparaging remarks throughout about Americans yet he preaches throughout to love the Communist He seems to dislike America greatly I could not continue reading, after about half of the book He suffered greatly and has spread the word of Christ to the lost The beatings were horrific I am glad he has been able to spread the word but he has no right to judge others A...

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    I could say so much about this book But for now just that when I m feeling cranky or whiny about how difficult life is in this impoverished country called America, it s the perfect remedy to make me grateful again and give me a reality check Stand up people.So powerful In the right hands.

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    Every single person should read this book You will no longer be bummed out that you don t make enough money, gained weight or aren t fulfilled in your life It will inspire you to appreciate your freedom and make the most of it It grew my faith in seeing these people are soo sure Jesus is God they will not forsake him when given the chance to end their to...

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    Oh how this account still is relevant Eye opening yet not surprising In Richards book Marx and Satan it revealed some of the most horrific suffering of Christians Crucified men and women with innards remov...

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    Doesn t go into gory details but you hear enough that it sometimes is difficult to hear Mr Wumbrand s story The narrator s accent also makes this audio book tragically real to the listener It is not true t...

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    The author wrote of his personal experiences and imprisonment under Hitler and then the Communists As an activist Pastor in the underground churches in Romania he didn t expand upon his experiences in prison, what they did to him aside from stating he was tortured, and how he was able to survive with the 12 plus years he spent in prison and how he and his wife were able to escape Romania His unwavering belief in his religion was a kicker surprise that was not revealed until you read the book wri...

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    For the christian, God is with you even in the darkest places This book will make you weep, that men can hate the Lord and not even know why they hate Him, Ephesians 6 12 and do such cruel things to helpless people shut up in prison It ll also show you the power of Jesus Christ in his servants to do impossible things that no man can do in his own strength like love and pray for your torturers It defies the natural laws of the world and is one of the sure testimonies of the Spiri...

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